Every participant is allowed one punt, pass, and kick in this competition. Scoring is based on both distance and accuracy and is also determined from where a participant’s ball first makes contact with the ground, therefore excludes any bounces or rolls to the distance.

If a participant passes their ball 30m, but it goes wide of the measuring tape by 5m their final score for passing would be 25; the score is the difference of the two measures, testing the participant’s ability to throw for distance and accuracy.

The distances of the balls are measured and rounded to the nearest 0.1m.

A participant cannot score less than a 0.

A participant’s final score is the total score of the three events (Punt, Pass, and Kick). If, for example, a participant scores 30.3 for punting, 25.7 for passing and 20.9 for kicking, the participant’s final score will be 76.9